Painted Black – A Study in Muscle & Light


Sorry everyone for being so incognito for a while – things have been heating up here at Salon Tease and we have been BUSY 🙂 But, trust me, I am not complaining. I could totally be unemployed right now. I chose to start February out with a bit of a bang with this bitching shoot by Michael Owen Photography.

I was honored that he thought of me to be a part of this project with him – as many of you know, I am very well known for a certain “look” when it comes to makeup. And, yes I am totally amazing at it – that is true. But I can and do love to step out of that box to create something a little different. And that we did.

Now for the concept: Michael wanted to play with lighting in a monochrome palate to show off the body’s lines and muscle structure. Pretty cool, no? Well, I thought it was and I jumped – well really I leaped right into this concept with him and he let me fly.

My part: I had to take a completely nude model, paint her entirely matte black and then highlight certain areas of her face and body to reflect the lighting that he had for the shoot. I used a mixture of black airbrush makeup and cream body paint that both dried matte – and then I stippled silver body paint mixed with the black on the highest points of the breasts, clavicle, cheekbones etc to create a glisten so that when the lighting caressed the body a subtle glow is created.

I love how this concept made her look like a living statue – almost like those bronze statues that were dug up in the Pompeii excavations. I feel that you can really appreciate the body’s form with these photos and really appreciate how nudity is not just erotic – but is artistic as well.

On that note – for those of you who are offended by nipples, breasts, gludes etc – please stop reading and go to a different post. Photos from this shoot, as stated before are nudes, and if you are offended by any of this please don’t go any further.



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