Please Pardon Our Dust – Part Deux

Super exciting new things happening at Salon Tease!!!! Some of you may know that every weekend, Danny and I have our crew of awesome professionals come in and do some amazing reno work at the salon. We’ve taken down walls, we’ve painted, we’ve hung some pretty bitching lighting, added mirrors, moved all the manicure/pedicure equipment to the spa area, changed some plumbing, removed a water heater, added some beautiful window shades and curtains in the reception area, painted the entire salon, etc, etc, etc.

To read about how we upgraded the reception area – check it out here.

So this weekend, we started on one of the biggest projects: removing the wooden and tile floor in the salon so we can put in our new flooring! The old flooring was killing me slowly – the tile was all cracked and the grout was stained beyond recognition. Plus with all the walls we took down there were temporary patches in the floor (and those were killing me quickly). The wooden floor was not in great shape – but it looked great for being over 15 years old in a hair salon – but that floor too had repairs and patches. And we felt that a cohesive industrial floor would be best. Check out what used to be there below:

The new look for the salon will be much more sleek and modern: the new flooring will be a long porcelain plank tile in a cool grey wood grain. The styling stations will also have a grey wood grain with a glossy finish that will be accented by modern cylindrical crystal pendants with tiny bubbles in them that look like champagne. A black granite counter-top will also be in the styling area, keeping with the sleek modern vibe. The bridal, reception, and the shampoo area is accented with a white Carrera marble to keep those areas bright. Grey curtains with a silvery thread and beading hang in the reception area to add some sparkle with the crystal chandeliers and sconces. All walls and trim are painted white. Accents of pearl and mirrored furniture is juxtaposed with modern upholstery. Check out pics of some of the new things below:

So, please be patient with us as we go through our metamorphosis – good things are coming 🙂

We are super excited about the new floor going in on the weekend of April 16th – we CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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