Did someone say COLOR MELT?

This one was fun. This was an old ombre that had grown out and faded (not done by me) and she wanted to revive it by adding some red. She also did not want to add any lightener (bleach) to her hair. What we started with: her natural regrowth was about a level 4 with the lightened pieces being between a level 8 and 9.

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There were 3 things that we wanted to accomplish:
De-orange the hair and make it look expensive again
Fix the unevenness in the ombre and make it look more seamless
Add shine and softness to the hair

So, how did I do it? We did a color melt – what is a color melt you ask? Basically a color melt is a blending of two or more colors together seamlessly – like a gradient. So I chose three red colors that would blend well together – starting with a deep violet base to a more true red at the ends.

ROOTS: Goldwell Topchic 5VV with 20vol
MID-SHAFT: Goldwell Topchic 6RR with 10vol
ENDS: Goldwell Topchic 7RR with 10vol
Gloss: Goldwell Elumen Clear

I started at the nape of the neck and took a thin slice of hair (approx a quarter inch thick) and applied the ROOTS formula from the scalp to about 3 -4 inches out and then feathered it down another 2 inches. I then used the MID-SHAFT formula and started the application right where the ROOTS formula finished feathering out and applied another 3-4 inch section and feathered out another 2 inches or so. I then blended the ROOTS and the MID-SHAFT sections together making sure it was seamless and there were no dry areas. Finally I used the ENDS formula and started where the MID-SHAFT formula had ended and applied all the way to the end of the hair and then blending the MID-SHAFT formula into the ENDS formula also making sure there were no dry areas.  As I got closer to the top – I took my section and with the ROOTS formula I painted a triangle and then the edges of the triangle I used the MID-SHAFT formula and then blended in the ENDS formula.

IMPORTANT TIP – make sure the the hair is completely saturated on both sides of the section (the upper side and the underneath).

To help seal in the color and add extra shine (because, seriously – who does’t love shiny hair) we glossed the hair with Goodwill’s Elumen clear.

If you are wanting some stare worthy hair – give us a call at Salon Tease (239/596.2022) and we would love to hook you up 🙂