More Improvements at The Salon!!!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Our salon is starting to look more and more every day like the salon that we want it too – and it’s been a journey boys and girls, hasn’t it 😉

To get you caught up – for those who don’t frantically stalk my blog (and if you aren’t doing that, what’s stopping you? Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it) I’ll get you up to date.

Back in June we purchased a much larger salon so we could grow as a business and expand the amount services we could do. The new space was a diamond in the rough. Very, very rough. But Danny and I could see the potential sparkle even when others could not and we started to renovate – slowly at first – and now we are in hyper speed as things are getting very, very close to being finished. To read more in-depth about all of this awesomeness – check out the other blog posts here: New Location, Please Pardon Our Dust, and Please Pardon Our Dust Part Deux.

So we got FOUR Major Things Accomplished:


The new floor is installed and it looks AMAZING! We chose a porcelain wood-grained plank tile with a beautiful silvery white-washed finish that just makes the entire salon GLOW.


We have the Salon Teez sign up on the building outside so now our name is illuminated in lights.


We have new salon styling chairs and shampoo chairs from Collins in brushed steel and black leather. These babies are so sleek and fantastically comfortable.


Faux Painting on the shampoo wall and in the light rail in a silver leaf with a special concoction of awesomeness to give it a mother of pearl finish.

And this my friends is just the tip of the iceberg – we are in progress to finish the bridal room, the color processing/mixing area, the break room, and the bathrooms. Not to mention that the custom cabinets are being made for each styling station and the granite countertops for the styling area will be installed soon as well. This is not a complete list by the way – other things tend to pop up unannounced as time progresses 🙂 More updates will be following – so stay tuned!