A Few of my Favorite Things

I’m a pretty voracious reader – especially trade magazines, articles, blogs – my Safari browser on my phone always seems to have at least 6 windows open at the same time of articles that I either want to read – or I started to read them and life got in the way. Oh well. Hopefully, I’ll get to them before my battery runs out on my phone.  Here’s to hoping 🙂

Well, I think I meandered from the point – and the point being that I was reading one of the aforementioned blog posts – this one happens to be from VIOLET GREY and she was writing in her VIOLET FILES about an easy 5 minute face that can “go anywhere in five minutes flat”. I loved her article so much, I thought I should do one in the honor of Joanne who is leaving us to go back to The Hamptons for the summer. You will be missed. But we will see you again 🙂

Now, I know you love your matte finish, but please babe – embrace the glow.


Salon Tease 5 Minute Face Dior BB CreamThe glow begins here with the BB cream (or beauty balm) think of this as your hydrator AND foundation in one – pretty good if you ask me. A little bit goes a long way. And it’s perfect for the mild summers in New York. If you feel too “glowy” – you can set it with a light-weight translucent powder. But only if you feel you have to.

Bottom line: Hydration, skin correction with color with an SPF and has a beautiful natural finish.


Salon Tease Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat 5 Minute FaceI’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again: this beauty is a MUST. I love this little gold tube of awesomeness. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s a concealer, but it’s not – it’s a highlighter, but it’s not, it’s a skin perfector, but it’s not that either…..it’s actually all three. And it’s waterproof. It is an expensive habit – but since it’s such a multi-tasker I don’t really care.

Bottom line: it perfects, conceals, and highlights all in one simple step.

CHANEL Les Beiges Bronzer in No. 40

Salo Tease 5 Minute Face Chanel BronzerBe still my beating heart – this is one of my latest favorites from Chanel, and to be honest with you I can’t see how I lived without this for as long as I have. This beauty was introduced to me by Chloe – who gave me this awesomeness for my birthday, by the way, and it is worth every single penny. This bronzer gives the most beautiful, subtle matte glow that I have seen and I use it everywhere: as blush, as an eyeshadow, as contour, you can even use this baby as a brow filler if you are in a pinch (only works for blondes). An essential to any makeup kit.

Bottom line: Very versatile with a gorgeous satin matte finish – an essential to any makeup collection. 

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana

Salon Tease 5 Minute Face Nars CopacabanaI looked hard and long for that Chantecaille highlighting stick that I have in my kit – well, like a lot of things – they totes don’t make it anymore. Moment of silence.

Well, that was a downer – but on the bright side, this NARS stick highlighter in Copacabana is very close and I love the pinky-pearl finish that it has. Stick highlighters are so easy to use – apply the product directly to your skin and then blend in with your fingers. Does not get much easier than that. Use it as a brow highlight, cheek highlight, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow – basically anywhere you want to add a bit of etherial to your look.

Bottom line: Super easy to use – and place where ever and whenever you feel the need to glow.

MAC Fluidline in Backtrack

Salon Tease 5 Minute Face Mac Fluidline in BlacktrackThis baby and I go way-way back. And I have written about its awesomeness before and I’ll do it again. I love this gel eyeliner. I know how much you love a great smokey eye and this baby is the perfect liner, shadow base and tight-liner that I have found. And its water-proof. All things that I love.

Bottom line: It’s perfect for you

SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara

Salon Tease 5 Minute Face Smashbox-Full-Exposure-MascaraI know how I normally write about the Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black – and I totally still love it, and it is still my go-to mascara. But when I need something a little different, this is the baby that pops right out. I love the big brush with the tapered end that grabs each lash and separates each one beautifully with a gorgeous inky-black color. It’s also totally build-able – and if you take the effort, you can really increase the volume and length of your lashes with additional coats.

Bottom line: Very black, very build-able, and very much something you need.

BURTS BEES Lipsticks

Salon Tease Burts Bees LipsticksShocked, right? Well I was too. I was not expecting to love this lipstick as much as I do. These lipsticks come a wide variety of shades and has a very smooth velvety texture that reminded me of a much more expensive lipstick. To top it off the color payoff was very good – and its inexpensive and quite moisturizing. Still shocked that I love this as much as I do, and I think that you will love it as much as I do.

Bottom line: Inexpensive, great color, moisturizing.

So, I simply go purchase these favorite things – and then I won’t feel so bad. That was loosely quoted from that Austrian songstress Maria VonTrapp.

Let me know what you all think!

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