Leaving on a Jet Plane – PART ONE

Suitcase, check – supplies, check – awesome destination, YES!!!!

Daniel and I are so honored that we have people that trust us to travel out of state for us to be a part of their amazing weddings in some pretty cool areas I might add. This year we get to add another awesome bride and destination to our list: Claire in Nantucket. So, in honor of Claire’s wedding at the end of September, here are some of the weddings we have done out of state. I hope you enjoy reading about them as we did being a part of them.

Danielle in Seattle – 2010

Salon Tease Seattle WeddingThis is the first wedding that Daniel and I traveled to out of state together. And it was a lot of fun.

They were married at a winery outside of Seattle and it was so deliciously different than any wedding that we had done before. The weather in the Pacific Northwest is mild and is prone to rain – thus making it one of the greenest and most vibrantly colored areas we have ever been too. Flowers grew in abundance everywhere – even off of highway overpasses – never seen anything like it.

Seattle was a beautiful city and the wedding and the company was just spectacular. Check out what she wrote about us:

I can’t thank you both enough for all that you did throughout the wedding. I truly don’t think I would of made it down the aisle without your help. I immediately felt better from the moment you both arrived. I felt so loved and taken care of. You both added so much to the beautiful day. My dad keeps saying your work made the wedding – and I have to agree, all of the girls looked amazingly stunning! Thanks to the both of you, I also felt like such a beautiful bride. Thank you both for traveling so far to be a part of my special day. I felt so lucky that the two of you were there for me. Thanks again!

If you want to read what we wrote about her wedding – check out the three part blog post here: 1, 2, and 3.

Rachel in Aspen – 2012

Salon Tease Aspen Colorado Wedding

Fast forward another two years and Daniel and I had the pleasure of being a part of Rachel’s wedding in Aspen, Colorado.

But, before I can even write about Rachel’s wedding – I have to tell you about her friend Toni. None of this would have happened if it were not for Toni – one of her bride’s maids and friends. Were were honored to be a part of Toni’s wedding back in 2011 where we met Rachel and the girls were so happy with our work that they wanted us to repeat it again in Aspen. To read more about Toni’s wedding – check it out here.

Now, let me tell you, I thought I had seen some amazing sunsets – and then I saw the sun setting though The Rocky Mountains on top of Aspen Mountain while we were at Rachel’s wedding. Breath-taking can not describe how beautiful that was. Holy sh**, however, is a pretty descriptor for the entire experience we had those three days. If you have never been to Aspen, you really should go.

Daniel and I flew in to Aspen the day before her wedding and got whisked away to her hotel where we did her and her mother’s hair and makeup for the rehearsal dinner. What Daniel and I were tragically not prepared for was the difference in altitude, needless to say our at sea level bodies were not ready for those Rocky Mountain highs.

I will say we weren’t feeling very John Denveresque in that thin mountain air – and I consider myself to be fairly outdoorsy. Turns out us city boys from Florida were having visions of the Donner party lost on the wayside due to our lack of precious oxygen. We managed to make it, however, with the help from these amazing little cans of O2 that we took shots of throughout the day.

Check out what Rachel’s mom wrote about us here:

Daniel and David were a big part of my daughter, Rachel’s perfect wedding day. They traveled all the way from Naples, Florida to our destination wedding in Aspen, Colorado. They are the utmost professionals, expertly applying makeup and lashes, blowing out hair and curling until each girl was ecstatic about their creation. They came early in the day and were totally prepared and organized with all the most current products and tools. It was amazing to see all the different types of hair being styled according to every girls wishes. My own hair is very thin, but they made me, the MOB, look like a goddess!

My only regret was that we did not stay longer – we were in Aspen for less than 72 hours – and that was not enough time.

Stephanie in Yardley – 2012

Salon Tease Yardley Pennsylvania WeddingA few months later we were in the airport again, on our way to New England to be a part of Stephanie’s wedding in Yardley, PA. We met Stephanie and her sister first at our salon through YELP – the sister’s had planned a pool day at their parent’s Florida home and the weather was turning sour. So, what do you do? You go online, find a salon with excellent reviews and you get highlights 🙂

While the girls were getting services done in the salon they started looking at the wedding pictures that are displayed around the salon and were looking at the portfolio books. Stephanie was like, “hey, I’m getting married – you guys should come up to PA and do our hair and makeup”. At first (to be quite honest with you all) I thought nothing was going to happen with this – I thought they were going to go home and forget all about us.

Not the case at all.

Soon afterwards I get a call from her mother – RuthAnn – who was flying into Naples to see what all the ruckus was about these two guys in Florida that her daughter just HAD to have for her wedding. Then we met RuthAnn – we chatted, we showed her portfolio work, we did her hair and makeup and we fell in love. She said, “I get it – I see why everyone wants you guys”.

I could go on writing forever about this – but the best way is to hear about it from Stephanie:

We had David and Sir Daniel fly up to Philly from Florida. I had my hair done by them when I was in Naples, Florida and I decided that they HAD to do my wedding. At first, my parents thought I was insane for the idea… they said there’s a ton of people to go to in our area. There was no way I could have someone else doing hair and make-up on my wedding day!! My Mom went for a trial in Florida before the wedding and she LOVED the job they did. However, my parent’s friends still thought I was crazy for having them come up to Philly! I said just wait… you’ll see! 🙂

Overall, I can’t even put into words what an amazing job these two did for my wedding!!!!! Everyone’s hair and makeup look PHENOMENAL!! They were so organized, professional, and hilarious! They calmed my nerves the morning of the wedding and stayed to touch up hair and makeup through out our pictures! The entire time they did anyone’s hair or makeup, they stopped several times to let us check in the mirror if it was exactly what we wanted. Everyone’s hair looked incredible, and the makeup was flawless. I can’t say enough good things about them! AND to top it off, during the reception, every single guest that said I was initially crazy for flying them up, came up to me and admitted they were 100% wrong and couldn’t believe how amazing everyone looked!

To read more about this awesome wedding check it out here.

We continue to be close friends with them to this day 🙂

And that is just some of the weddings that we have traveled out of state for – check out Part Deux coming soon!

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