The Beautiful Andrea at LaPlaya

Classic Wedding Hair and Makeup Award-Winning Hair and Makeup by Salon Tease Naples Florida

Classic, modern, fresh, timeless – these are words that can easily describe Andrea’s wedding at La Playa Hotel Naples.  The hair and makeup were a total vintage throw-back with hints of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Daniel kept the hair very clean (not a lot of texture) with a little bit of volume that was then upswept into a beautiful form on the crown. This instantly makes the style regal and very formal. Daniel added volume in her hair by using human hair clip in extensions which was especially needed in the “bun” area.  I (David) kept the makeup clean and fresh with all of the emphasis on the eyes. You can see in the photos below that he enhanced the lash area with clumps of the Ardel lashes. I really prefer to use the Ardel Lash clumps over using strip lashes for multiple reasons. The first reason being that I have the most control over the final look and shape of the lash form that I am building – with a strip I am stuck with the shape of the lash that I purchased. The second reason is that with the lash clumps each “lash” has a point of contact with glue to the skin – a strip lash only has one contact point for the ENTIRE strip and it is quite easy for the lash to start lifting (especially in the corners). That finished with flick of liquid liner finished this look of perfectly!

We love the way that Karl and Nanette from Luminaire foto captured

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